Some dogs are wonderful for walking in the woods. Some dogs are perfect for playing in the park. And some dogs are meant to live a life of leisure: with her perky little face and eager little tail, ChaCha was made for the finer things, like lounging on a bed, eating chocolate bones, and shopping. The just-right size for popping in a purse, this little lady is oh-so transportable. Measuring in at a svelte seventeen inches by twelve inches. ChaCha is a delicate canine beauty you’ll love to spoil.

Material: Cotton Duck Canvas with a Corduroy Back. Polyfil.
Size: 17″w X 12″h
Made in the USA – $86.00


With trusty Toto at her side, Dorothy was able to outsmart witches and wizards. Just imagine what you could do with Elliot, a Cairn Terrier, even more loyal than Toto. Energetic, enthusiastic, and awfully adorable, Elliot is as squeezable as they come. He’s positively panting for the opportunity to be your pal. Snuggle into sleep with Elliot, and you might just wake up in a whole new world.

Material: Cotton Duck Canvas with a Corduroy Back. Polyfil.
Size: 18″w X 15″h
Made in the USA  – $86.00

6 Little Bugs In Love

We all have our ups and downs, our happy days and sad days. It’s a pleasure and a cinch to make it through the good times, but the bad times, they’re another story. Fortunately, when you’re hit with the “ughs,” you don’t have to indulge the angst – these six little critters will squash it for you. They embody positivity (even the sad-looking buglet is on your side – he’s frowning in solidarity!). A mere squeeze of the pillow can turn your grumpiness into an ultra-supersonic, all-star mood! – $51.06